New DMV Laws In Effect Today

New DMV Laws In Effect Today 4Laws passed by the Virginia General Assembly set into motion changes for DMV customers effective July 1, 2024. These changes and updates include the uninsured motor vehicle fee, permanent DMV-issued farm use placards, disabled parking placard duration and conversions of manufactured homes. Below are details on what is new and what customers need to do to prepare.

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Fee
Effective July 1, 2024, the option to pay a fee rather than maintain insurance coverage for your vehicle will be eliminated, and DMV will no longer collect the Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee. All vehicles registered in Virginia will be required to obtain an insurance policy that meets Virginia’s liability limits. If Virginia DMV cannot verify the insurance information provided with the insurer, customers should be prepared to show proof of insurance when requested by the Virginia DMV. If you previously paid the UMV fee, you will need to obtain an insurance policy that meets or exceeds Virginia’s liability limits.

Farm Use Placards
Permanent DMV-issued farm placards are required for unregistered farm use panel trucks, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles beginning July 1, 2024. This requirement is a result of legislation passed by the 2023 General Assembly. The DMV-issued placards replace, in most cases, the unofficial farm use tags typically purchased at a local store for use on these three types of unregistered farm vehicles. Placards cost $15 and are good for the lifetime of the vehicle but are not transferable. An additional $15 may be required if the owner does not already hold a title for the vehicle. Placard transactions are not available online. Please bring the completed application to your local vehicle-only DMV Select or make an appointement to come to your local full-service customer service center. Use this chart to determine which farm use plates or placards are right for your vehicle or for more details on placards for unregistered farm vehicles, please visit our website.

Disabled Parking Placards
As of July 1, 2024, there will not be a fee for disabled parking placards. Previously applicants paid a $5 fee for a disabled parking placard. In addition, temporary placards now have a validity period of up to 12 months, if a medical provider certifies the temporary placard will be needed that long. This is double the previous maximum of 6 months. To apply for a disabled parking placard or license plate, you must submit a completed Disabled Parking Plates or Placard Application by mail or return it to your local vehicle-only DMV Select.

Manufactured Home Conversion
Effective July 1, 2024, manufactured homeowners who are not listed on the title as the owner of the manufactured home will be able to submit a deed, court order or decree, or other legal document or record establishing that the manufactured home was transferred by the owner listed on the title to the current manufactured homeowner. If the owner listed on the title did not transfer ownership directly to the current owner, the current owner will need to provide records establishing a chain of successive ownership of the manufactured home. Owners will also need to submit documentation proving that any existing lien on the manufactured home has been released.

For more information about any of these changes or for more information on the many transactions you can handle at your local vehicle only DMV Select, please visit our website.

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