Governor disappointed over VMSDEP bill

Governor disappointed over VMSDEP bill 4

Governor Glenn Youngkin today released the following statement after the Senate Democrats failed to pass bipartisan VMSDEP bill.

“The Senate Democrat leadership is hurting our military heroes, first responders and their families every time they show up and do nothing, as well as wasting time and taxpayer money,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “A full, clean repeal, which passed out of the House unanimously, and was supported by a bipartisan majority in the Senate, could have been signed today. An additional $45 million appropriation could have passed the Senate today, as well. Senate Democrat Leadership instead insisted on making changes to benefits without an open process. Changes to VMSDEP need to occur in an open, transparent process during the regular legislative session, with our Gold Star, military and first responder families at the table. The Senate and House need to agree to return next week, on the same day, so we can settle this issue once and for all, with the clean, and full, repeal bill. If they can’t agree on coming back together to fix this, I will call them back to do exactly that.”

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