Blacksburg Launches OpenGov

Blacksburg Launches OpenGov 4The Town of Blacksburg has launched a new online permitting system for the submission and processing of land development applications.

The user-friendly and intuitive nature of OpenGov streamlines the permitting process by allowing community members, design professionals and contractors to submit their applications digitally, upload site plans and other documents, pay fees, and track the status of their submission electronically throughout the review process.

“Our team at Balzer and Associates is excited the Town is implementing the OpenGov software into their development application process,” said Steve Semones, Executive Vice President of the firm. “Having worked with other localities that use OpenGov, we certainly believe the use of this digital platform will allow for more streamlined plan submittals and reviews. It should provide a level of consistency and transparency throughout the process that will be extremely beneficial to our team, as well as our clients.” Balzer has been active in the Blacksburg development community for over 30 years.

Internally, OpenGov allows town staff to accept and process applications more efficiently as well as enhance communications between staff and the applicant.

OpenGov can be used for many different types of applications to the Town, not just building permits or site plans. It includes Homestay (short-term rental) applications, temporary storage pod permits, sign permits, food truck licenses and more. This new flexible system also can be expanded in the future to cover other topics and keep improving the customer experience and ease of business transactions with the Town.

To assist applicants with their OpenGov submissions, staff is available at the Blacksburg Motor Company building, 400 South Main Street, Monday – Friday 8am-5pm to answer questions and provide training to those requiring assistance. Staff can also be reached at (540) 443-1300.

To submit an application for permitting or to learn more, visit

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