Riley Gaines to Speak at RU tonight

Riley Gaines to Speak at RU tonight 412-time All-American swimmer Riley Gaines is coming to Radford University on November 15 as part of her Speak Louder Campus Tour.

Location: Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center at Radford University

Speech Start Time: 7pm ET (Media interviews starting at 6:30pm ET)

During her national speaking tour, sponsored by the Leadership Institute, Gaines aims to encourage college students to speak-up for our fundamental right to free speech, for truth and for women. This speaking event will be open to the public.

Women have been stripped of opportunities to fairly compete in sports; denied scholarships; put in physical danger; and exposed to humiliation in locker rooms. Worse, people who oppose this movement have been silenced, threatened, and physically assaulted — these injustices will only accelerate if we don’t speak up now and Gaines’ talk focuses on encouraging the next generation to fight for our fundamental rights and for fairness.  

In Riley’s words: “No girl or woman should have to endure the utter disregard and humiliation that my fellow swimmers and I did.” Through her speaking tour, Riley aims to empower students, athletes, community leaders, parents, and other allies to advocate for women and girls, defend women’s identity.

In August, Gaines launched the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute to fight the push to erase women and destroy women’s sports. This is an important initiative and resource at a critical time in our country and Gaines’ speaking tour is one aspect of the Center’s work.

The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute has been created to advocate for girls, women, and parents at a time when we are under attack: stripped of opportunities to fairly compete in sports; denied access to sex-based scholarships and academic opportunities; put in physical danger on athletic courts and fields; and exposed to bodily harm and humiliation in locker rooms and private areas.

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