Active Threat Trainings in Radford

Active Threat Trainings in Radford 5The Radford City Police Department has been participating in active threat trainings throughout the month of July. The first two trainings were put on through-Louisiana State University’s National Center for Biomedical Research and Training/Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education, or LSU-NCBRT/ACE.

LSU-NCBRT/ACE, along with the top subject matter experts in the country, is able to develop courses that address the most current preparedness needs. The first course Radford City Police Department participated in, alongside Radford Fire and EMS, Radford Sheriff’s Department, Radford University Emergency Management officials, as well as several surrounding jurisdictions, was Active Threat Integrated Response Care (ATIRC) and is designed to increase the survivability of injured victims during an active threat situation.

Active Threat Trainings in Radford 6

This course addresses the need for quick and decisive communication between law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services in an active threat event. This training also provides law enforcement officers with key medical skills to be used at the point of injury.

Active Threat Trainings in Radford 7

The hands-on exercises in the course help to improve communication between law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services during active shooter events, emphasizing the end goal of increasing the survivability of victims. These exercises also give participants experience working under duress during an active threat event in order to develop and solidify critical decision-making skills.

The second course was Active Threats on Campus and was attended by members of Radford City Public Schools alongside Radford public safety officials.

Active Threat Trainings in Radford 8

The week of August 1, 2022 RCPD will be conducting a final round of trainings in the evenings from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Radford High School. This will be a force on force training and multiple law enforcement agencies are participating. Community members may see an increased police presence in the area during those evenings.

“RCPD remains committed to training in the most up to date tactics, with the most current research and information. This allows our agency to be better prepared to protect and serve our community daily and should an active threat incident arrive,” Pete Rutzinski, Interim Deputy Chief of Police.