What Happened to the Department of Elections?

What Happened to the Department of Elections? 4Here in Southwest Virginia. Polling precincts were removed and changed without notification.

Folks were running all over Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Floyd County. City of Radford and Salem amongst others trying to find their polling precincts.

I received this from the Board of Elections:

“Please be advised, if your polling place was changed due to redistricting, you should have received a notification informing you of your new polling place. Department of Elections”

This did not happen, and it is unacceptable. In Lynchburg, VA. voters got cards sending them to vote in Virginia Beach. Someone is asleep at the wheel and needs to be reprimanded for this mistake. This was a huge mistake. This encourages voters to not vote. Was that the intention?

Bill O’ Reilly wrote, “The USA had a chance to self-correct on Election Day but declined. Florida and some of the states did reject the madness but Arizona and Virginia dug deeper into it.”

I thought that we had a New Virginia under Governor Youngkin.

–Submitted by Merle Nelson

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