Volunteers Wanted for Driving Research Study

Volunteers Wanted for Driving Research Study 2Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) is seeking experienced drivers, aged 65+, who reside in rural or remote areas, to participate in a research study. Participants will be asked to complete brief surveys then drive their own vehicles as they normally would.

The primary goal is to study how a personalized driving plan may enhance driving safety and mobility for drivers aged 65 and older living in remote areas, such as those without access to public transit systems, who report their mobility or driving is limited.

To be eligible, interested individuals must meet the following criteria:

• Live and drive in a rural or otherwise remote area

• Own/drive a 1996 or newer vehicle

• Do you avoid some locations, such as those with traffic, unfamiliar, etc.?

Total participation time is 4 months.


• Phase I establishes eligibility with compensation of $25

• Those eligible to participate in Phase II will be compensated up to $500 for Phase II activities

• Total maximum compensation for participation in both phases is $525

Your data will be kept strictly confidential.

To learn more, please call 540-231-3589 or email ROADTRIP@vtti.vt.edu.

Reference “ROAD TRIP” in your message.

All inquiries welcome!