The brilliant scheme of weaponizing the flu

The brilliant scheme of weaponizing the flu 4I’ve lived on the planet for over 60 years and each one of those years has produced a variety of flu viruses. Each year there is a vaccine that comes out with a guess as to just what strain will be most prevalent, with the hopes of minimizing its detrimental impact on society. However, until this past year none has been weaponized as this one called covid-19.

From my research, the covid-19 virus has NEVER been isolated and even proven to exist. The flu season in the US will always come and go each year with typically 50 to 80 thousand deaths each season, with millions more that become infected and recover. This year the numbers put out by various news organizations, including Johns Hopkins (which is really controlled by Bloomberg, since he donated 1.8 billion dollars to them) have been intentionally inflated to deceive folks into thinking that covid-19 is much worse than the seasonal flu we deal with each year.

It is very telling that when covid-19 became the main news story the seasonal flu numbers abruptly stopped. Once covid-19 was announced, the CDC stopped counting flu cases!

The testing process, as many may already be aware, is also very questionable. To test positive does not mean you will come down with the virus, if the test result is even accurate and someone tested positive, it only means you at some time in your life had a cold. A coronavirus is a cold virus — and who hasn’t had a cold at some point in their lives? So, we as a society have been played, but what why???

I will provide a list here with added commentary on each of these subjects in future articles:

  • Lessen downward pressure on a crumbling health-care system – most health care dollars are spent on a person once they reach retirement.
  • Ezekiel Emanuel’s contention of eliminating any elderly 75 or older, to save health-care dollars for younger folks with more potential to add to the benefit of society.
  • Cripple small independent businesses which are the engine of any national economy.
  • To preserve big social tech monopiles – that profile and track individuals within society
  • To set the stage for the big global financial reset – providing financial control over the masses.
  • To further promote class and social division – rich/poor, liberal/conservative, black/white etc.
  • Set the stage for election fraud.
  • Divert attention from Biden laptop and criminal investigations
  • Create pandemonium on an unsuspecting and uniformed general public.
  • Promote a dictatorial radical left agenda, leading to an elite new world order.
  • To create a general sense of fear of one another.
  • Upset the normal routine especially of the young, leading to psychological issues and manipulated dependence.
  • The mainline news media corrupted with a specific agenda to promote an elitist world domination.
  • The documented statements to reduce world population to 500 million as recorded on the Georgia guide stones.

These are just the top 10 reasons for weaponizing the seasonal flu. If we go along with this diabolical scheme, we as a country are in big trouble, we will never recover or enjoy the freedoms fought and died for.
To be continued….

–Blue Ridge Pundit

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