Pulaski YMCA Supports Proposed County Recreation Center

Pulaski YMCA Supports Proposed County Recreation Center 4PULASKI, Va. – The YMCA learned, through media announcements, that our county government is investigating the possibility of repurposing a former manufacturing facility for use as a sports and recreation complex.

The CEO and Board of Directors of the YMCA of Pulaski applaud and congratulate the forward-thinking efforts of our County Administrator and Board of Supervisors. We support this endeavor and look forward to the growth that such a facility will promote for our county. We certainly understand the adage that a high tide raises all the boats.

YMCA CEO, Dave Adkins, stated “achieving the county wide goal of having 40,000 residents by the year 2030 will be enhanced by the addition of a regional sportsplex. Likewise, such growth both necessitates and provides for additional programs and venues throughout our area.”

The YMCA of Pulaski County has provided services to Pulaski County residents for more than 75 years. Our offerings include but are not limited to a number of childcare options, numerous aquatic activities, state of the art aerobic/cardio equipment, free weights, older adult activities, and numerous other classes and offerings. We offer various options that make our programs affordable for nearly everyone.

We are excited to work towards enhancing our services to continue to serve our current client base and to expand our offerings to serve the ever-growing population of our county. We are committed to sharing our vision with the school board, county, and town officials regarding the continued and vital role of the YMCA in our area. Pulaski County is exactly where we want to live, work, and play.
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