hinrichsen wins theme, open photo contests

hinrichsen wins theme, open photo contests 7

The photo, “Dirty Daylight Shanghai” by e.n. hinrichsen, won the cityscape theme category in the Radford Photo Club October contest. hinrichsen calls it “A not-so-flattering view of the Shanghai downtown from The Bund,” adding, “The lighting, hazy smog, and color of the water on that day left a very murky look to the city that wasn’t entirely kind. Night views of major cities and the multicolored lights common in Asia are much more splendid.”

hinrichsen wins theme, open photo contests 7

She also won the open theme with a carefully framed shot from the outer sections of the Wat Rong Khun Temple, famously called The White Temple, in Chang Rai, Thailand. “It is a beautiful masterpiece with ornate detail designed by the local artist Chalermchai Kositpipat, who is primarily a painter of Buddhist imagery,” she said. “The layout of the temple and surrounding area create a spiritual journey from a Buddhist philosophical viewpoint. There is a bridge you cross over that symbolizes the cycle of death and rebirth, the gate to heaven, the golden building, which is actually the bathrooms: symbolizing the body, and the main building or inner temple called the Ubosot, which symbolizes the mind,” hinrichsen said. “This particular photograph is centered on what you see crossing over the bridge of death and rebirth. Here you see the outstretched hands of ‘unrestrained desire’, where people have tossed coins into open baskets similarly to how people toss coins into wishing wells or public fountains.”

The next meeting will be Thursday, Nov. 16, at 6 p.m. at the Radford Public Library. hinrichsen will deliver a program on travel and documentary photography. The photo challenge for the program is Still Life.

The Radford Photo Club is made up of professional and amateur photographers from throughout the New River Valley. Meetings, events, and outings are open to the public. If you have questions, email Lucy Gilmore at lucyg.gilmore@gmail.com or Michele Borgarelli at mborgarelli@gmail.com.

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