Governor Signs Executive Order Promoting Recycling

Governor Signs Executive Order Promoting Recycling 4Governor Glenn Youngkin today signed Executive Order #17, which promotes recycling, reducing waste and encourages the creation and relocation of clean technology companies that are involved in recycling-related issues to Virginia.

The order calls on food manufacturers, grocery retailers, sports arenas, schools, hotels and banquet facilities to identify appropriate strategies to reduce food waste. The Executive Order repeals Governor Northam’s Executive Order #77, removing the burdensome restriction on single-use plastic at state agencies, colleges and universities. The order also directs State Parks to examine ways to create more recycling opportunities.

“Too often in the past, Virginia has been presented with a false choice between saving our environment and growing our economy. The growing market for post-consumer recyclables demonstrates that we can do both,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “We need to bridge that disconnect to better conserve our natural resources, reduce waste that goes out to landfills and promote new clean energy jobs here in Virginia. We should be focusing our resources and energy on providing a cleaner supply of recyclable materials.”

Read the full text of Executive Order Number Seventeen here.

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