Executive Order Addresses Voter Roll Accuracy

Executive Order Addresses Voter Roll Accuracy 4Governor Glenn Youngkin issued Executive Order 31 today to strengthen Virginia’s voter rolls and ensure better data accuracy. This initiative builds on the administration’s robust improvements to list maintenance, including establishing one-to-one data-sharing agreements with seven states, conducting two National Change of Address mailings, and streamlining the process for removing deceased voters through an audit of Virginia deceased records.

Executive Order 31 will require the Department of Elections to update data-sharing agreements with several state agencies within 90 days. Additionally, it establishes an interagency work group to improve the quality and security of voter registration data. Based on the work group’s recommendations, the Department of Elections will develop and review data-sharing standards for list maintenance processing.

“Today, I am issuing this Executive Order to ensure the accurate, transparent, and reliable use of data among state agencies, aiming to achieve best-in-class voter list maintenance processes for the Commonwealth,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “As we transition to a new statewide voter registration system, it is imperative that every state agency provides accurate and valid data. This Executive Order continues our improvements to list maintenance processes, providing a reliable election system for voters.”

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