Election Fraud Comments

Election Fraud Comments 4The country is in the throes of a national debate as to whether the recent election was legitimate or not. We can continue to debate back and forth forever, with each side digging in with their perspective, or we can solve the problem quickly, to everyone’s satisfaction.

There are questions of voter fraud, manipulated machines, election fraud, etc. If someone has the guts to call for a revote in these controversial states the issue would be solved. The vote would need to be paper ballots only, with confirmed id check. Mail in ballots would need to be verified with a matching signature. Both parties would be allowed to observe and confirm each ballot. We could end all debate in short order.

Every American wants free and fair elections. Joe Biden should be at the forefront calling for this very thing if he wants to preserve any integrity. Being content to run out the clock is very revealing, because there is no call for honesty. More than half the country believes the election was rigged.

Come on America, lets do the right thing and bring this nightmare to an end.

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