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  1. Redgoat
    December 5, 2020 @ 10:21 am

    There are many levels to this tragedy. Biden was no one’s choice regarding either his candidacy or Harris’s. The Covid-19 pandemic was conveniently manipulated to provide cover for fraudulent means to steal an election by the democrats. We witnessed the politicization of the bureaucracy and watched as a partisan media put forward a narrative to accomplish this. Our election system has been hijacked by self-interested elites, who control our politicians and policy formation, to achieve one party rule. The Dominion system worked as planned despite requiring a much larger and visible nudge to get Biden over the line. Since the bureaucrats we depended upon to assure fair elections have failed to acknowledge the fraud, a majority of voters were disenfranchised by biased gaming of the system to elect Biden. Biden will not question this outcome. He lacks both the moral integrity and intellectual honesty normally expected of a leader. He is a place holder as well as a bought and paid for politician willing to do the bidding of those who have arranged his elevation. He is as much a fraud as this election and when history is written the results will prove it so.

  2. Catherine
    December 5, 2020 @ 9:35 am

    The Senators and Congressmen on the exact same ballots should be out front saying the election was not fraudulent. They are taking pictures in their offices and enjoying their new jobs. The election process did not change because the current President lost. The burden of proof is on Trump. Joe Biden and the down ballot don’t have to say anything. Trump can prove widespread fraud or he can’t. It is highly suspect that widespread fraud is only alleged in certain areas and in certain states. None in the states Trump won. Dominion voting machines were used in counties that Trump won. Out of the “people voted more than once” arguments in PA. The people were caught, they tried to vote for Trump twice, and it didn’t when work. I support the President of the United States. Whether my choice wins or not. The republic is bigger than one man.