Devil went down to Georgia

Devil went down to Georgia 4Many would conclude that this past 2020 election was not liberal vs conservative, but more like, good vs evil. Not that any particular voter is one or the other, but the agenda represented by one party or the other will lead to such.

The planned mayhem and corruption that seemed to have occurred across the country was especially prevalent in certain key states. Yes, the devil when down to Georgia for certain and many other states as well, even here in Virginia.

My observations conclude that Trump outperformed Biden by 3:1, in fact so much so that they (the fraud planners) needed to suspend the voting to implement plan “B”. Flood certain states with fraudulent paper ballots, run Biden votes through machines dozens of time, count dead voters etc. The plan would have worked had they not overplayed their hand, and they were caught!

In reality the current administration has accomplished so much for the American people. The devil when down to Georgia, but don’t you know, God is there also and He rules supreme! If Biden was the legitimate winner we should support him, but why is he not at the forefront demanding transparency? Why would he want to win with so many unanswered questions and so much alleged and proven fraud?

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