Christiansburg changes tax delinquency collections

Christiansburg changes tax delinquency collections 4Representatives from the Town of Christiansburg announce implementation changes to the delinquency collection program. These efforts will focus on the collection of delinquent taxes owed to the Town.

The Town is working with Taxing Authority Consulting Services, P.C. (TACS), a Virginia law firm that concentrates its practice representing treasurers and tax collectors. Any fees charged by TACS are paid for by the delinquent taxpayers and the Town will pay no fees for the service.

In collecting these accounts, TACS may pursue all means of collection authorized by law, including the attachment of wages or other assets, the seizure of personal property, holds on DMV registrations, or filing suit in court.

To avoid these actions, and an additional 20% collection fee, taxpayers must take prompt steps to resolve their delinquent accounts. Taxpayers with delinquencies have until the end of business on May 31st before their accounts will be sent to TACS for collection.

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