Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, Marxist Morons

Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, Marxist Morons 4As a Virginia historian focused on the American political system, I have always felt it odd that persons from other locales would move to a geographical area with no historical ties to run for public office.

I was curious eight years ago when Mr. McAuliffe popped on the scene in Virginia. Evidence proves that it was no love of Virginia, but instead just a landing spot after failing previously in the same efforts in other states. Of course, he may have been guided or directed by his mentors, the Clintons, as they turned their backs on their state constituency in Arkansas for the Broadway lights and deep pockets of New York.

I firmly believe that it is wrong to abandon those who gave you physical and political life for strangers who seek nothing but transient favors.

Mr. McAuliffe, on paper, did well in Virginia. No Virginia governor has done poorly with its proximity to Washington, and a federal cash cow constantly feeds Virginia. Mr. McAuliffe claims success in Virginia, even given his dramatic failure of leadership revolving around the Fascist/Marxist confrontation in Charlottesville.

Combined with his tainted history of various taxpayer-funded debacles in the solar panel industry, his reputation as a solid businessman deserves examination. The political label as the Clinton “bag man” does not bring honor to Virginia. We are the birthplace of presidents, and try to avoid the residence of political hacks.

Mr. McAuliffe does, unfortunately, retire to his New York roots by condemning his opponents on the basis of personality rather than policy differences. He refers to his opponent as an unreasonable Republican. But the opposition does not HAVE to be reasonable. Their role in our great republic is to debate what they feel is reasonable.

Virginians from every part of the Commonwealth must ensure that the coming election is devoid of interlopers, be they unions, foreign and domestic agents, or outsiders bent on usurping power. Politicians who befriend such agents and condone their activities have no place in Virginia. Their removal from office is a necessity.

Virginians, look closely at EVERY candidate. Let them know that you are looking. Ignore their objections.

— by Dr. T. A. Selby

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