7/15: Elderly Empowerment Conference

7/15: Elderly Empowerment Conference 2On Friday, July 15th, Sheriff Worrell and Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting our Elderly Empowerment Conference 2022. We are not going to be showing you how to exercise, pick up a date, or turn a $3.00 investment into a thousand bucks. BUT, what we will be doing is empowering a targeted group of our citizens on how not to be victims of crimes that are perpetuated through some of the most common scams out there.

We will have several speakers on a variety of topics, along with informational brochures that you can take with you and share with loved ones if they are not able to attend. This event is open to everyone, especially our seniors and their family members.

It will be taking place on Friday, July 15th, from 9:00 a.m. until noon, at the Dublin Lions Club, just off of Bagging Plant Road. Light snacks will be provided about midways though the conference.