Widespread Fog will Hamper Travel

In the wake of the snow, sleet, and freezing rain that moved through and out of the forecast area earlier today, moist ground and cold temperatures just above the freezing mark are in place across the region. The combination of this and a low cloud deck has allowed for fog development in many parts of the forecast area this evening. Visibilities generally range from 1 to 3 miles across the area. A few locations in deeper valleys and higher ridges may see visibilities drop below 1 mile through the evening hours.

In addition, some areas may have patchy ice, slush, or snow left over on the roadways, especially areas near Interstate 64. The combination of any fog and patchy ice or snow will result in treacherous driving conditions.

If you are planning to travel tonight, be alert for areas of dense fog along with patches of residual ice, snow, or slush left on roadways, especially more rural untreated roads. Reduce speed, allow extra distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, and use low beam headlights.

Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio or Commercial Radio and Television for the latest weather information.