The Masked Granny

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Well! The senior corner is where I am situated with my mask-covered face. I kind of feel like the Lone Ranger in more ways than one!

I was at the grocery store yesterday. This guy said, “Phyllis, how are you?” I still don’t have a clue who he was behind his mask!

At my age, I usually get out of the car walking toward the store, and then it comes to me: MASK! So I trudge all the way back to get a mask. I admit I don’t go a lot of places. One big box store I’ve only been in less than ten times in the past year.

My mask time usually finds me in a rush to get this or that so I can finish and get that thing off my face!

I miss some things in this altered life of the mask. Maybe I need a horse, or a “faithful companion.” With our new mask rules, it changes so many things! It does tend to make you plan your day’s activities in advance!

I see a lot of people struggling to adjust to child care and their own new view of independence, to some extent. We all need to try to look beyond that mask and help when we can.

–Phyllis Olinger