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My dad was a big promoter of writing thank you letters and of sending cards or notes. At the time I probably did not appreciate it, it was one of those things I just did without thinking too much about.

Dad was not a big person for giving cut flowers. I was never allowed to pick or cut flowers. He believed they were there for all to see and appreciate. It only took one lesson for me to know NOT to pick flowers again. I plant flowers today, but that’s it. They are there for all to enjoy.

In this crazy world, would it not be great if we took up sending “grateful greetings” to all the hard-working people in our lives? The police, the school teacher, the mail delivery person. The people who process paperwork, those who hand you that cup of coffee. So many people we could choose to appreciate.

Maybe I’ll start my own movement. Have a great day. I’m grateful you read this column!