Starlite Drive-In Theater Updates

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As of January 12, 2021, The Starlite Drive-In Theater in Christiansburg, VA, no longer has an active Facebook page.  The Starlite page you see on Facebook, published since 2010 with over 22,000 members, is NO LONGER ACTIVE and no longer accessible to the administrator.  Starlite info, such as movies, flea markets, and events, will NO longer be posted on that Facebook page.

The sign on the corner of Roanoke Street and Starlite Drive in Christiansburg will remain current and the recorded hot line is still active (540) 382-2202.

Otherwise, there are three choices to get Starlite information.

The Starlite website is not interactive, but is always updated:

You will need to join the other two platforms to access The Starlite’s page.  Both are interactive and you will be able to comment and post pictures:



Movies are currently on hold until the weather warms up.  Movies will resume sometime in February or March, 2021.  Stay tuned for dates and details.  The Flea Market should resume sometime in March, 2021.  Zach Williams concert, live in person, is scheduled for Thursday, April 8.  Details will be placed on all three platforms as they develop.

If you are attempting to contact the administrator and events coordinator, the FB messaging system no longer works either.  Please contact Karen at 540-392-4332. For additional information, please contact Karen directly.