Spring Cleanup scheduled for April 14-27

Spring Cleanup is almost here! Public Works crews will be collecting Spring Cleanup items April 14-27.

To make it easier on our collection crews, please place your cleanup items within 10 feet of the street pavement and separate them from your regular trash. Please also separate materials by type (i.e. place bagged leaves, tree limbs and trimmings in separate piles). Please do not block drainage ditches, gutters, sidewalks, water meters or sewer cleanouts.

Though special collection trucks follow regular garbage routes, cleanup may run a day or two behind trash collection schedules, depending on volume. If it is nearing the end of the clean-up cycle and your materials have not been collected, please call (540) 382-1151.

What items will the Town pick up? 
Appliances, including sinks and tubs (limit two per household)
Passenger car & truck tires (limit four per household; no larger than 20-inches)
Tire rims (no limit)
Tree limbs, trimmings, brush
Tree stumps
Leaves (bagged only)
Landscape timbers
Paint cans and sealer cans (only if open and dry)
Barrels / drums (only if dry, ends are removed and did not contain hazardous material)
Railroad ties/timbers (limit five per household)

What items will NOT be picked up? 
Construction and demolition materials (including, but not limited to, wood, metal, concrete, stone, etc.)
Heavy machinery
Automobile parts
Kerosene heaters
Fuel oil tanks of any size
Commercial truck, tractor/trailer tires
Hazardous household wastes (such as paint, pesticides and cleaning chemicals)
Tree/brush materials associated with land/lot clearing for construction
Electronic components such as televisions and computers

I want to get rid of an item that is not on the list. What should I do? 
We are happy to help ensure all of your items are acceptable for pick up. Please call the Town at (540) 382-1151.

Will the Town pick up household hazardous waste? 
No, the Town does not pick up household hazardous waste. Please do not include these items in your Spring Cleanup pile. Hazardous household waste disposal (including paint, pesticides and cleaning chemicals) events are held the third Saturday of each month at the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority. For information on how to dispose of household hazardous waste, please visit the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority at their website or by calling (540) 381-2820.

What can I do with my old paint? 
Please do not include any paint for pick up. For information on how to dispose of old paint, please contact the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority by calling (540) 381-2820 or visiting their website.

What do I do with electronic waste? 
If you have electronic waste (i.e. televisions, computers), please contact the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority by calling 540-381-2820 or visiting their website.