Sanzenbach, Yohanna

Yohanna Sanzenbach, 78, of Woodside Terrace passed away suddenly on Friday, April 6, 2018 due to complications arising from a Gastric Perforation. She was surrounded by family and loved ones when she passed.

Born in Holland on June 9, 1939 to Henri Von Dieden Hoven and Yohanna Sip, she was a music lover who played the violin and performed with the Blacksburg Community Band. She loved her neighbors, her garden and her cats with all of her heart.

Loving wife to Karl A. Sanzenbach, deceased. Survived by sons, Keith A. Sanzenbach and Kenneth P. Sanzenbach; along with brother in law, Mark E. Sanzenbach; and Sister in law Donna Sanzenbach; and daughter Cora van der Pol-Verheij.

She gave her body to science. We will always carry your memory in our hearts.