Remembering Those Who Gave All

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Yesterday, we honored and remembered the brave warriors who stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944 and gave their all to defeat fascism and liberate millions. Many of those heroes did not return home, including most of Virginia’s very own Bedford Boys. Those who did started small businesses, raised families, and built their communities. Like the Greatest Generation and those who followed, Virginia’s veterans continue to make valuable and lasting contributions to our Commonwealth today.

They served us, and now, we must serve them. That is why as governor, I am going to make it easier for veterans to start a business by cutting bureaucratic red tape and removing roadblocks that stand in the way. We are going to expand the portability of professional business licenses to make it easier for active-duty spouses and veteran couples to relocate to Virginia. And we are going to eliminate the income tax on military retirement pay, because the contributions and achievements of these veterans are critical to building a rip-roaring economy.

Our veterans have made immeasurable sacrifices to defend our fundamental freedoms; it’s time we have a governor who will stand up for them, uphold our shared values, and ensure they have every opportunity to thrive as they live, work, and raise a family here in our Commonwealth.