Ready Regions for School Age Care Grant

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Through the Ready Regions for School Age Care grant, United Way Of Southwest Virginia is able to provide necessary resources to school age childcare providers. 

The Ready Regions for School Age Care grant, supported by the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF), provides funds to ensure school age childcare centers have tuition support and the resources to create Safe Learning Spaces (SLS). In the midst of a global pandemic, safety is more important than ever, and this grant provides these centers with the funds needed to purchase sanitation supplies and personal protective equipment like masks and gloves. 

The grant also provides centers with resources such as tuition assistance and upgraded appliances such as HVAC systems, refrigerators and freezers, stoves, and improved remote learning resources like internet support, tablets, and laptops. “It was amazing to be able to share tuition assistance with families, many even shed tears because of the impact it had on them. We are also excited to work toward improved internet for our students! One day we had 42 kids trying to do virtual learning and it was such a challenge. Improved internet will be such a blessing,” said a Ready Regions childcare provider.

Ready Regions for School Age Care has a far-reaching impact on our region. When parents are able to send their children to a childcare center then they can keep their jobs, and in turn, it will not only help their family, but also the community and our region’s economy. “Childcare is the backbone of our workforce and economy,” said Dr. Susan Patrick, Ph.D., Director of Childhood Success, United Way of Southwest Virginia.

“With this grant, we will be able to give so many needed resources to providers in our region, and it’s a great way to support them as they are taking care of some of our youngest citizens,” said Travis Staton, President, and Chief Executive Officer, United Way of Southwest Virginia. Thus far, the Ready Regions for School Age Care grant has provided over 600 tuition slots for children and has impacted approximately 3,200 students through grant-funded initiatives in the following counties/cities: Bristol, Carrol, Floyd, Galax, Giles, Grayson, Montgomery, Pulaski, Radford, Russell, Smyth, Tazewell, and Washington. 

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