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  1. Johnny Ashley
    April 30, 2021 @ 12:17 pm

    This Army Kid hates RPD, they disrespect what 🇺🇸 stands for. I played a little real life cops and robbers, that never made me hate the police like RPD. I’ve been an angel since I was 22, before I ever came here. I had to move here from Colorado because RPD wouldn’t allow me court ordered visitation with my son. His mother was not involved, she gave him away to a Radford family. A judge specifically noted that even tho he ordered visitation because I wasn’t allowed it he couldn’t send a child to live with a stranger even I’m his dad. I blame RPD for my son never living with me. I can prove RPD broke the law and I file complaints and of course you never did anything wrong. You call me a liar, but refuse to prosecute me like the sign about false complaints on the RPD wall says you will. I have video of multiple other law enforcement agencies reviewing your paper work and coming to very different conclusions than 2 different RPD chiefs. Now I have lived here for 12 years with no family and few friends. I tried to commit suicide by cops last Friday in another town. Btw that’s one of the towns whose PD looked at at RPD’s paper work, and refused to do the same thing they said on video that RPD did. I hope they never hire a cop that worked for your agency. RPD is the poster child of why people dislike the police and why I have no faith in the system.
    In my free time I have made myself on social media, a person or two in RPD probably know me by a different name. I’ve written books, I’m credible and respected. I’m making a documentary about my issues to release on all my unrelated platforms.
    Hey if multiple other towns PD, and the state police twice all agree RPD broke the law, on video. Is that enough probable cause to start putting people under citizens arrest. Good thing Virginia doesn’t have statuette of limitations on felonies.


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