Political Conventions

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The coronavirus pandemic has upended the way we gather together, putting a halt to or significantly altering how we attend events such as sporting events, community festivals, and concerts. One group of events that I am personally sorry to see altered are the national party nomination conventions. The two major parties each held theirs in August without the usual large gathering of delegates and other attendees from across the country.

I have attended several in the past. Their highlights to me were not the big speeches but the chance to meet with other attendees from all over the country off the main stage.

In 1992, I arrived early at an event because I thought I would have trouble getting a seat. As it turned out, more attendees wanted to attend a concert with a notable rock band taking place at the same time, so I had no trouble finding a seat with a few dozen attendees to hear former President Gerald Ford, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker (R-TN) discuss foreign policy.

I look forward to the future revival of this great American political tradition, as well as the eventual return of the many events that mark our lives in our communities and country.

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