Parks & Recreation Children’s Programs

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Gym Time Rhythm and Movement

This NEW interactive children’s program will incorporate both music,, movement, and games in a supervised setting that will get both parents and children moving.  Parent participation and mask required for adults.

Activity #       Date                      Age     Time                       Fee (R/NR)

101103-G1     M Oct 5–Nov 9         2-3     9:00-9:45am            $40/$50

101103-G2     M Oct 5–Nov 9         3-4     10:15-11:00am         $40/$50

101103-G3     Tu Oct 6–Nov 10       4-5     9:00-9:45am            $40/$50

101103-G4     Tu Oct 6–Nov 10       5-6     10:15-11:00am         $40/$50

101103-G5     Th Oct8-Nov 12        2-3     9:00-9:45am            $40/$50

101103-G6     Th Oct8-Nov 12        3-4     10:15-11:00am         $40/$50

101103-G7     Th Oct8-Nov 12        4-5     11:30-12:15pm         $40/$50

Location        Blacksburg Community Center

Art Smart

The toddlers will be exposed to different media while learning how to use colors, shapes, patterns and sizes. We will encourage imagination, expression and communication through art. The end of each class will be spent reading and sharing songs and stories.

Activity #       Date                      Age               Time                      Fee (R/NR)

101101-F1     (Tu) Oct 6–Nov 10     3-4 yrs           10:45am-11:30am     $40/$50

101101-F2     (Th) Oct 6-Nov 12     3-4 yrs           10:45am-11:30am     $40/$50

Location        Recreation Administrative Office

Creative Pumpkins

Join us this Halloween season to create your very own pumpkin masterpiece.  Children will be provided a full size pumpkin to decorate creatively with paint, google eye pipe cleaner Parent participation required!

Activity #       Date             Age               Time                       Fee (R/NR)

101102-2S     Th Oct 29      5-8               4:00-5:00pm            $12/$22

Location        Recreation Administrative Office

Sensory Art

Children will create, play, investigate and explore the wonders of art through touch, sight, smell and sound.

Activity #       Date                      Age               Time                       Fee (R/NR)

101102-SA     (Tu  )Oct 6–Nov 10    2 yrs             9:30-10:15am           $40/$50

101102-SB     (Th ) Oct 8–Nov 12    2 yrs             9:30-10:15am           $40/$50

Location        Recreation Administrative Office

Blacksburg Parks & Recreation is now accepting registrations for children’s fall exercise movement classes.  Register today & enjoy movement exercise games & songs!

Register on line at or by phone 540-443-1100 or 540-443-1140.