Pandemics and Shortages

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This virus deal is too much for me sometimes. I save and save and save. Most times I do ok. But then the pandemic hit. And I go out the 4th month in 2020 to rush for bread. I get back and find my refrigerator has died. I knew it was coming I had been the “refrigerator whisperer” for years. So I lost everything in the fridge.

I called around. “Lady, it’s a pandemic,” they said. Like I didn’t know! I couldn’t find a used one, especially on short notice, only one new one to be delivered the next day. Amd you know I hate the word “new”!

I just wanted a simple thing. At least that’s what I thought. I certainly didn’t expect to have to take out life insurance on an appliance! The amount of money for what you get was shocking to me. I guess we need to see if they have pandemic appliance burial insurance! And it seems a pandemic causes slow delivery of some items, too.

And I was was always that person with extra toilet paper. My mom had this thing for paper towels. She had the basement shelves filled and that was 50 years ago or more, so in my defense, I may do similar things. But to see shelves bare of toilet paper…

Trying to find this or that item, and it was always out. I ask myself (because I have no one else to ask, being stuck home alone), what’s the deal with that being in short supply? I had to go to four stores to find my sugar free honey lemon cough drops. Plenty of red ones. Was it a lemon shortage, or a honey shortage? The Pandemic!