Pallante, Paul

Paul Pallante completed this phase of his journey on January 10, 2019. He was happily born to Alma Gibson Pallante and Paul Joseph Pallante on December 13, 1951, in Ohio.

Dad was an incredibly kind, independent, strong-willed yet patient man. His ability to endlessly listen and withhold a punchline was as flawless as it was insightful, always doing his best to provide guidance. His impeccable and wry sense of humor kept us laughing until the day he passed.

Dad’s generous spirit was as wide as the Texas sky. He was one of the best gift givers and most thoughtful people you could ever know. From fine pottery to a finely crafted weapon, his choices were personal and exceptional. Paul would even give gifts on his own birthday or when celebrating his homemade holidays like March 4th (the only day that’s also a command) or the anniversary of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Dad was fiercely independent and never afraid to blaze his own trail. A hardworking and successful entrepreneur for 40 years, he was always creative and an innovator in the way he approached his work. He was a building services contractor by trade but a researcher by nature. Dad had a passion for knowledge, whether cutting edge advances or historical observations. His mind was sharp and incisive to the end, always guided by the kindness of his heart.

Paul was a graduate of the Seventh Way Corps, Way Corps International Biblical Research and Teaching Ministry. During his time there, he worked on the first Aramaic concordance to the Bible ever written. At the end of his studies, he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Theology.

He was always ready with interesting details and facts about nearly any subject you’d bring up, yet always gave you plenty of time to talk and feel heard. One of his favorite stories involved him and a friend blowing up the chemistry lab at school. He was unfalteringly steady yet surprising in so many ways.

The people who miss him are many. Just a handful include his eldest son, Paul D. Pallante; daughter, Elisabeth Pallante; and youngest son, Joseph Pallante. His grandson, Jack, thinks he’s the coolest, and Dad feels the same way about him. His son-in-law, Josh London. Dad’s former wife and our mom, Patricia Bass; sister, Gwen Pallante; niece, Jessica Pallante.

A friendly gathering in his honor will be held this Saturday, January 19th, at the Radford Theatre, 1065 E. Main Street, in Radford. Food will be provided. Friends are welcome at this informal gathering anytime from 11-2 pm. Well wishes may be sent to the same address.