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Over 100 Georgia Counties Can’t Produce The Drop Box Videos!

On Monday, during a press conference, VoterGA shared some more shocking information related to criminal actions in the 2020 Election in Georgia. VoterGA is a non-profit, non-partisan, tax-exempt organization created… [...]

Kinzinger Just Opened His Mouth About DEAD SOLDIERS, And Boy Did That Backfire….

There is always a time and place for war, but the reality is that they are not pretty or should they be glorified. People die in these bloody conflicts and… [...]

Kellyanne Conway is an amazing woman that is not only brilliant but strong. I admire her so much not just for her intelligence and strength but for her transparency in… [...]

Transsexual pioneer criticizes modern trans activists, says they’re indoctrinating children: ‘This isn’t a sport’ 59-year-old Buck Angel, a transsexual pioneer, and human rights activist, criticized modern trans activists and said… [...]

Our police officers are always in danger when they step into their uniform. They patrol our streets and make sure that those who do harm are arrested and held accountable… [...]

UKC News: Davos Rogues Gather as Economy Tanks + Ukraine Update

UKC News | Co-hosts Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Alex Thomson with the end of week news round-up. [...]

Partygate: They Knew They Could Party Because They Knew Covid Was a Fraud

Dr Vernon Coleman | Of course, they knew that the Covid scare could be safely ignored. [...]

REVEALED: The Origins of Monkeypox Mythology

Dr. Sam and Dr. Mark Bailey | Where is the actual science proving this latest viral scare is the real McCoy? [...]

INTERVIEW: F. William Engdahl on the WHO Pandemic Treaty

TNT Radio | The globalists at the WHO and its various Big Pharma and globalist 'stakeholders' are planning an end-run around individual states' national sovereignty. [...]

Migrant Crisis: ‘US Border States Must Declare An Invasion’

21WIRE | What will it take to allow states and their residents to act in their own interests and security? [...]

Texas Governor Abbott Says He Was ‘Misled’ About Police Response During Uvalde Shooting, ‘I’m Absolutely Livid’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that he was misled about the police response at the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting and is “absolutely livid” about it. Gov. Abbott had previously… [...]

RINOs Led by Mitch McConnell Consider Joining Democrats to Tighten Gun Laws Following Uvalde, Texas Mass Shooting

On Friday GOP Leader Mitch McConnell announced that RINO Republicans will concede to Democrat demands to tighten gun control legislation. This comes days after the Uvalde, Texas school massacre. McConnell… [...]

New Detailed Timeline: What Really Happened in Uvalde, Texas?

This article originally appeared on Canncon Substack. Before I begin, if you believe Uvalde, Parkland, or any of the other school shootings didn’t happen, stop reading. As we all try… [...]

San Francisco Giants Manager Gabe Kapler to Boycott National Anthem as Baseball Teams Go Woke After School Shooting

Saying he is upset about the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Major League Baseball manager of the San Francisco Giants Gabe Kapler announced Friday he is going to start… [...]

Border Agents Stormed School and Killed Gunman After Local Police Told them to Wait

New details emerged on the border agents who killed the mass murderer inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Border Patrol agents arrived far earlier than previously reported. CPB BORTAC… [...]

White liberal supporters of Beto O’Rourke (D) called black police officers “fucking disgusting” and a “fucking pig” at an anti-NRA protest outside of the organization’s annual convention in Houston, Texas. [...]

President Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is spending border wall funds, previously allocated by Congress to construct a wall along the United States-Mexico border, on addressing "life, safety,… [...]

I wish Ellen Degeneres well and hope she remembers where true intolerance towards those who dare to be different comes from.   [...]

Former President Donald Trump called for more security in American schools during his speech to the National Rifle Association on Friday. [...]

Heritage Action for America Executive Director Jessica Anderson told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement on Friday that the left is "playing politics" with Americans' health care by trying to… [...]

Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN operation – law enforcement saved their own children while parents were pepper-sprayed and handcuffed

(Natural News) It’s now 100% clear that the Uvalde mass shooting was a “stand down operation,” meaning law enforcement was deliberately ordered to stand down so that the massacre could… [...]

This is what happens if you give up your guns: Australia announces TWO YEARS in prison for violating covid rules

(Natural News) There is some good news Down Under: South Australia’s extreme Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions as provisioned under the Emergency Management Act are on the verge of being repealed.… [...]

Klaus Schwab issues THREAT to Brazilian president for refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty

(Natural News) World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and Executive Director Klaus Schwab issued a thinly veiled threat toward Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after the strongman refused to sign the World Health Organization‘s (WHO)… [...]

Major retailers, e-tailers preparing for economic implosion as they shed massive amounts of warehouse space

(Natural News) In another sign that a major economic downturn is coming fast in the era of Joe Biden — Walmart, Target and other major wholesalers and retailers are shedding… [...]

Americans outraged as Biden tries to paint skyrocketing gas prices as an “incredible transition” away from fossil fuels

(Natural News) With Memorial Day on the horizon, gas prices are on the minds of many Americans with travel plans. Unfortunately, the bad news at the pumps has only been getting… [...]