Inorganic Ventures VP to Retire

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Inorganic Ventures, the leading manufacturer of inorganic certified reference materials for the global scientific and industrial community, announces the retirement of Linda Reed, Vice President of Operations. As Inorganic Ventures’ first hire upon the company’s 2009 relocation from New Jersey to Christiansburg, Virginia, Reed closes out more than a decade spent at the forefront of growing one of the New River Valley’s pillar companies of its scientific and technology corridor.

Much like the chemists she has overseen, Reed’s professional success has built upon her expert refinement of precisely the right operational formula that has helped develop Inorganic Ventures into both an industry innovator and a success model for local businesses to emulate. Today, Inorganic Ventures retains a Christiansburg-based staff of nearly 70 full-time employees and manufactures and ships analytical standards to 60 countries across five continents.

During Inorganic Ventures’ formative years in Virginia, Reed was responsible for hiring employees who would be catalysts for growth.

“Our move to Virginia was exciting, yet only a handful of employees were relocating from New Jersey,” explained Reed. “We needed to quickly build a workforce that would support our standards of quality and performance.”

One of the company’s unique challenges was recruiting a team for an unfamiliar business which created a product that the average person would be unaware existed. Working job fairs, trade events and even setting up at the New River Valley Mall, Reed quickly grew the local workforce from fewer than 10 employees to 28 in less than a year and helped spearhead corporate expansions in 2013 and 2017.

Her career culminates as a trusted member of Inorganic Ventures’ management team, having acted as a guide and translator to operating a successful business in the Commonwealth, drafting the company’s handbook for compliance in Virginia and driving evolutions in corporate culture as a result of company growth.

“Inorganic Ventures is a company that works hard for its employees to provide a good place to work – my work with the management team has been incredibly rewarding as we have seen a culture take hold that rewards creativity and provides a foundation for building a successful career in the sciences.”

Reed has assumed the role of liaison to state, regional and local Virginia Economic Development offices, has represented the company to Onward New River Valley and served as Corporate Secretary for Inorganic Ventures to the State Corporation Commission.

As a resident of the New River Valley since 1970, Reed received her Bachelor of Science degree from Averett College (now Averett University) and worked for Virginia Tech, Radford University and First National Bank before joining Inorganic Ventures. As a member of the Board of Directors for the New River Valley Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) she introduced the practice of having members attend local job fairs to offer resume review and assistance services to attendees and has worked extensively with local educators to support secondary school initiatives, such as the implementation of a workforce-ready seal on high school diplomas.

“We congratulate and extend our deepest appreciation to Linda for her leadership and guidance in helping Inorganic Ventures achieve the position which we hold today,” said company President Paul Gaines, Ph.D. “So many of us wish to end our careers knowing we have made an impact – on behalf of our industry, our employees and our community, I can confidently say that Linda has accomplished that and more. Well done and thank you.”