Hazing Arrests in Radford

The City of Radford Police Department has made numerous arrests, from an investigation into a hazing incident that occurred on September 14, 2017, in the 1200 Block of Downey St. These arrests are related to a previously executed search warrant, which has been reported on in the media. Two separate search warrants were executed for probable cause developed during the arrest process. Additional charges are pending. The following have been arrested.

BEST, KYLE DENNIS, age 20, of Haymarket, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $1500 SECURED


GEPFORD, CHRISTOPHER BLAIR, age 22, of Centreville, VA 18.2-56/4.1-317/4.1-317 $5000 UNSECURED


THOMAS, MATTHEW DYLAN, age 21, of Haymarket, VA 18.2-56/4.1-314/4.1-306 $5000 UNSECURED


HOWARD, CALEB LORENZO, age 19, of Manassas, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $2500 UNSECURED


KO, JOSHUA, age 19, of Fairfax, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $2500 UNSECURED


ANDRESS, LUKE EVERETT, age 19, of Vienna, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306/ $5000 UNSECURED


WEDEL, MATTHEW STUART, age 20, of Manassas, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $5000 UNSECURED


WHEELER, JASON NICHOLAS, age 21, of Fairfax Station, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $2500 UNSECURED


ESCOBAR, CARLOS, age 23, of Alexandria, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $2500 UNSECURED


SIBLE, JOSEPH ANDREW, age 22, of Arlington, VA 18.2-56/4.1-317/4.1-306 $1500 SECURED


STANFORD, TREVER VAUGHN, age 22, of Hamilton, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306/4.1-317 $1500 SECURED


HOOPER, JUSTIN PATRICK, age 20, of Ashburn, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $1000 SECURED
GOUGH, MARCEL TERRENCE, age 20, of Herndon, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $1000 SECURED


HARRIS, SAMUEL KENT, age 22, of Gainesville, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306/4.1-317 $5000 UNSECURED


HANES, HUNTER DAVID, age 19, of Roanoke, VA 18.2-56/4.1-306 $1500 SECURED


O’NEILL, CLAYTON MARSHALL, age 21, of Herndon, VA 18.2-56/4.1-317/4.1-306 $5000 UNSECURED


TUCKER, JACOB A., age 21
Stafford, VA

The following are descriptions of the relevant code sections:
§ 18.2-56. Hazing
§ 4.1-306. Purchasing alcoholic beverages for one to whom they may not be sold
§ 4.1-317. Maintaining common nuisances

The incident remains under investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to call Det. E.G. McClanahan at 540-267-3211 or email eric.mcclanahan@radfordva.gov .There will be no further information released at this time.