Harvill, JoAnn Thrash

Harvill, JoAnn Thrash 4JoAnn Thrash Harvill left this world on the twentieth of October, 2023 at Lewis Gale Hospital, Blacksburg, after a brief
illness, aged 71. She was born in Brenham Texas and grew up in Beaumont, Texas, later moving to Virginia.

JoAnn was preceded in death by her biological parents, Nazelle and Joe Thrash, and by her adoptive parents, Viman and Olga Harvill. She is survived by her brother, Michael Cecil Thrash and her Aunt, Dorothy M. Yentzen, both from Beaumont, Texas.

After graduating from Larmar University in Texas, she moved to Virginia and accepted a teaching position at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg in 1977. She obtained her Masters Degree in 1980 and began teaching as an Instructor soon after. She was named Professor of the Year in 2010 and enjoyed a career at Virginia Tech until her retirement in 2021. Teaching brought her joy and she built many lasting relationships with her students.

JoAnn was multi-talented, having wrote and published poetry; she played and taught guitar, had a record released that was an immediate hit, and was often requested to sing at local gigs. She loved cooking and created many special recipes. She loved books, was an avid reader and conversant in national affairs. She will always be remembered for her affinity with animals, especially cats; her huge heart; beaming smile; passion and compassion.

Michael and Dorothy wish to thank Scott and Cherry Reppert, Jim and Karen Rush, Shawn and Jessica Metz and her many friends and neighbors for their loving care and concern for her welfare. She loved them dearly. We, her family, will be eternally grateful to them and ask God to bless their charitable hearts.

If you would like to commemorate this amazing woman, please visit the facebook group called ‘Remembering JoAnn Thrash-Harvill’ where you will find updates regarding memorial celebrations. JoAnn recently shared a phrase with us that she shared fondly with her great-grandmother, pronounced “Mala Eshay” and translating to “What a Life!”. Remember her fondly in your prayers.

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