Handmade Music School launches online workshop

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Handmade Music School continues teaching traditional music, dance and folklore through the launch of online workshop and lecture series: “Handmade at Home.”

The Handmade Music School, based out of The Floyd Country Store in Floyd Virginia, is devoted to sharing the music and dance traditions and history of Southern Appalachia. Over the past four years, the School has engaged students of all ages through one-on-one lessons, workshops, presentations, music jams, and camps. These unique experiences have brought music lovers from around the world together with the region’s great master artists to learn local tunes, instrument techniques, dance styles, songs, and the rich history surrounding these traditions. The sharing of these traditions always carries the spirit of community, and students return time and time again to take part in the events at The Handmade Music School.

Since all of these cherished in-person activities have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 shutdown, the staff and instructors of The Handmade Music School have decided to adapt to new ways to keep inspiration and instruction coming to students, as well as give needed work to musicians and educators. In addition to now offering online lessons, the School is launching “Handmade at Home” an exciting new workshop series that will bring instrument and dance learning as well as insights from folklorists, documentary makers, audio engineers, and more. Some of the highlights of the series so far include instrument classes with Andrew Small, Jesse Smathers (from Lonesome River Band), Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones; Home Recording with Joseph Dejarnette (of Studio 808a); a presentation from Martha Spencer on her Appalachian Dance World documentary; and a workshop by Kris Truelsen (Bill and The Belles, Radio Bristol’s Farm and Fun Time) on the songs and guitar style of Jimmie Rodgers. You certainly don’t have to be a musician to enjoy this series, but it certainly might inspire you to become one!

“Interacting as a community to play music and dance is the lifeblood of our region,” says HMS founder Dylan Locke. “Shutting down the Floyd Country Store and Handmade Music School has been extremely difficult for all of us, and we hope that in providing these online sessions we can help support musicians who have lost work, bring inspiration to those at home, and keep our organization going. With any luck, we’ll introduce folks around the world to our beloved traditions, and be stronger than we were before.”

The Handmade Music School is launching “Handmade at Home” its online series of workshops through Crowdcast: www.crowdcast.io/handmademusic. Registration is available for all workshops ahead of time, and sessions that are past can be replayed at any time. Visit www.handmademusicschool.com for more information on lessons, workshops, and other offerings. More workshops will be added to the series in the future, stay tuned to our website and Crowdast pages for an up-to-date schedule.

The Handmade Music School is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.