Griffith to Host MOVA Technologies of Pulaski at D.C. Event

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Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) will host MOVA Technologies of Pulaski at the Energy and Environment Innovation Showcase in Washington, D.C., on Monday, December 9. The showcase, sponsored by the Republicans of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, will highlight ongoing research and technological development intended to reduce emissions and power economic growth into the future.

“Innovation will unlock a cleaner, more prosperous future. I am excited by the possibilities, especially those that may come from Virginia’s Ninth Congressional District. MOVA Technologies of Pulaski is testing filtration equipment that could be used by an array of industries to remove pollutants from flue gas streams and recycle them for other uses. This type of creative thinking and design will help us solve the environmental and economic challenges we face,” said Congressman Griffith.

“We are excited to introduce the next generation of pollution capture technology that shifts away from simply capturing and storing pollutants. The technology will actually allow the recycling of pollutants which, when separated, are valuable resources that industry and society need,” said President and CEO of MOVA Technologies, Steve Critchfield.


MOVA Technologies, Inc. is testing a multi-emissions filtration system which uses solid sorbents to filter gaseous contaminants and particulate matter such as fly ash and carbon dioxide from flue gas streams, adaptable to any industry and application by selecting the appropriate adsorbent. The technology can be applied to a number of industries including energy generation, cargo ships, manufacturing processes, livestock farm air control systems, or direct carbon capture.