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  1. Elizabeth Pearson
    September 13, 2021 @ 12:29 pm

    Griffith could have just told his “remember 9/11” and we started a war that was not going to be won rhetoric. But no. Never miss an opportunity to blame President Biden for a “botched” exit. Griffith voted for the war in the first place.

    The deal that President Donald Trump cut last year with the Taliban forced Biden to choose between a withdrawal now or an escalation of the war. The less than 2500 troops that Trump left was not sustainable. It was supposed to be enough for a May 2021 withdrawal.

    Former President Trump made a deal with the Taliban. The American supported Afghan government and President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, who served as President of Afghanistan between September 2014 and August 2021, were not invited to the meetings.

    President Biden had to withdraw or send thousands of troops back to Afghanistan. Did anyone want thousands of troops send back? Anyone?

    When the deal was cut in Doha, Qatar, in February 2020, it wasn’t treated as huge news, because the war itself wasn’t big news. The general public had forgotten about the United State’s mission to create a democracy in Afghanistan.

    Since the start of U.S. military operations, 2468 American service members have been killed in Afghanistan An additional 3,868 U.S. contractors also lost their lives. Thousands of Afghans have lost their lives. Where was the outrage for the other 2468 service members? Those Gold Star families did not get the benefit of anyone protesting or throwing a tantrum when their family member was killed in Afghanistan.

    Give Trump some credit. He took a swing at something his predecessors hadn’t: a full-bore effort to strike a deal with the Taliban. It took nine rounds of talks over 18 months. At one point, Trump secretly invited the Taliban to the presidential retreat at Camp David on the eve of the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. But he shut that down — and on Twitter threatened to shut down all talks — after an American service member was killed and there was bipartisan backlash over the invitation.

    The Afghan people are tribal and they follow Islam. The Taliban spent the past year bribing and making deals with the Chieftains in the country sides. The city of Kabul which had President Ahmadzai, the US built Army, and a US built democracy that was too frail to stand. The people of Afghanistan chose the Taliban. It is their country. Trump should have withdrew the military as soon as the deal was made. Why leave them there knowing it was not sustainable?

    The Joint Chiefs of Staff and President Biden chose to withdraw. Support the withdrawal. Our military did the best they could against a changed mission. Osama bin Laden was killed, May 02, 2011. That was why we supposedly went to Afghanistan. Yet, it took until August 2021 to withdraw.

    Our top focus should be on protecting our country from enemies both foreign and domestic.


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