Griffith Regulatory Reform Bill Passes Subcommittee

Rep. Morgan GriffithCongressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement after the Environment Subcommittee passed an amended version of his bill, H.R. 3128, the New Source Review Permitting Improvement Act of 2018:

“The current New Source Review (NSR) program doesn’t work for businesses or the environment. Its red tape is so daunting that it deters companies from making improvements to their facilities, even if their goal is to curb pollution while improving efficiency.

“The New Source Review Permitting Improvement Act of 2018 would open the door to updates for factories, power plants, refineries, and other facilities. It would provide certainty in planning for upgrades and would make modernization less costly and time-consuming. I am glad the Environment Subcommittee passed this bill today and look forward to further progress. The reforms in this bill will support jobs and economic growth while protecting air quality.”