From My Corner: RoboCalls

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Who besides me is sick of these phone calls? I got so fed up, I started answering my phone with: “Housekeeping!” and apparently that’s not the answer they are listening for and they hang up.

One guy kept calling about my computer (which broke and I could not replace). I answered and played along until he said he needed my account number.

I just said, “Ok.”

He said, “Didn’t work. What’s your system?”

I answered, “Fisher Price!” He said he’d never heard of it, and is probably still trying to find that model. But he never called back!┬áThe housekeeping answer has definitely slowed them down, however.

And those calls about my car warranty/repair insurance… I don’t HAVE a car. I don’t OWN a car. So it’s ridiculous to call or send me a letter telling me that insurance will be cancelled soon. They wasted a lot of stamps over the years!

But there’s one number that calls, and I can see ELEVEN calls on my machine from that number. So I call them from my trac phone over and over again. They usually don’t answer. But I guess they got tired of Robo Granny and finally answered. I asked, “Is this housekeeping?”

I have had too much virus seclusion time….

–Phyllis Olinger