Depot Park reopens for now

Depot Park Entrance
Depot Park Entrance

Depot Park, which has been closed since November 2017, has now been reopened to the public.

The park had been closed while crews work on a stream restoration project for Towne Branch, a tributary of Crab Creek that flows through Depot Park. This project – which involves restoring approximately 1,995 linear feet of Towne Branch and approximately 210 linear feet of unnamed tributaries of Towne Branch – will improve water quality along the stream and reduce erosion.

While the project is not complete, the contractor has completed a large portion of the stream restoration through the park area, allowing the majority of the park to reopen. The area beyond the back of the park – toward the Skate Park at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center – remains closed for construction. The closed area is delineated by safety fence.

There may temporary closures or flagging for remaining tasks moving forward, which will be delineated by signage or safety fence. The Skate Park will also be subject to temporary closures as necessary.

Please do not enter areas where safety fence is being utilized.

The trail around Depot Park is open but still needs to be paved. The trail will remain gravel in a few locations until the damaged portions can be repaired, once it is warm enough for pavement.

There is a large area around the playground and along the stream that remains unvegetated. These areas have been seeded. Please refrain from accessing these areas as crews are attempting to grow grass. Additional plantings will occur within the next few weeks, and while the park will remain open during these plantings, they may cause temporary disruptions.