COVID 19: Message from the Town of Blacksburg

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Blacksburg TownUse common sense. Stick to your social family. Stay at Home.

The Town of Blacksburg is closely following the mandates and daily updates of the Governor. At this time, residents need to be extra vigilant, take recommended precautions, and remain at home as much as possible. This does not prohibit essential activities like going to work or the grocery store, picking up take-out, or receiving medical care.

The threat of COVID-19 is real and is growing exponentially across the Commonwealth. While we are very fortunate to not have any positive cases in the New River Health District to date, we must not be lulled into thinking this virus will not impact our community in the near future.

We owe it to ourselves, our families, and those with compromised immune systems, to play it safe and just stay home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this mandatory?

As of this posting, the Governor has not mandated a statewide stay at home order, although he is encouraging people to stay at home through new temporary restrictions issued on March 23. To see restrictions on public gatherings, recreation and entertainment businesses, dining establishments and retail businesses, see Governor Northam’s update from March 23, 2020.

Will the police be enforcing this measure?
Yes, Blacksburg police will be monitoring public gatherings. When necessary the police will be asking people to distance themselves appropriately, disperse into groups smaller than 10, or go home. Should the Virginia Tech Dean of Students Office or the Blacksburg Police Department need to respond to the residence of a student for concerns regarding noise violations or disruptive parties, a referral will be made to the Student Conduct office for their follow-up. See the letter from Dean of Student Byron Hughes and Chief Anthony Wilson of the Blacksburg Police Department. We are in this together and will weather this storm if everyone does their part.

I’m a Virginia Tech Student. Can I hang out with my friends?
For your safety, and for the safety of others, you should remain home to help fight the spread of the virus. If you are in Blacksburg, it’s recommended that you create small family/social groups and make these small groups “your people” for the duration of the COVID event. Family groups include people like your roommates, spouse/partner, and close friends with whom you’d feel comfortable sharing health related information. In other words, spend time with people who are invested in your health.

Can I go outside to exercise or walk my dog?
Yes, but if you feel symptomatic stay home. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, keep a 6 foot distance from others, adhere to the less than 10 person ban, and use the CDC’s guidelines for proper hand washing and hygiene. Refer to the Blacksburg Parks and Recreation Safe Outdoor Gathering guidelines.

What if I still have to go to work?

If your place of business remains open and your employer will allow, you should work from home. If you are considered essential staff at your place of business, continue to go to work and practice social distancing. If you are experiencing symptoms, stay at home and follow the guidelines provided by your physician or the Department of Health hotline 540-267-8240.

Can I order food/groceries?

Absolutely, continue to support local businesses by ordering take out or delivery. Most Blacksburg restaurants are offering this now, as are all local grocery stores. Ordering groceries online for delivery or pick up should replace your weekly trip to the store. Rest assured that the food supply in this area is healthy. The only reason for the shortage of items is due to individuals purchasing more than they need.

Is it safe to take Blacksburg Transit?

Blacksburg Transit is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the buses are clean and safe. While public transportation and ride sharing is available, use it for essential travel only. When possible walk or drive yourself.

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