Conexus Screens School-Aged Children in Giles County

This school year, Conexus screened 674 school-aged children in Giles County, including students at Narrows Elementary–Middle, Macy McClaugherty Combined, Eastern Combined, Narrows High, and Giles High. Of those screened, 179 were referred; a 26.6% rate. A referral indicates that a potential vision problem was detected, and the child should seek an additional eye exam by an eye care professional of their parent’s or guardian’s choosing.

Virginia mandates school-based vision screenings for all new students and those in Kindergarten, Third, Seventh, and Tenth grades and Giles County Public Schools are part of the state funded vision screening pilot program administered by Conexus through the VisioCheck program.

Nationally, 25% of school children have a vision problem that impacts their learning, and it is estimated that only 15% of children will see an eye care professional before entering school.

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Conexus, based in Richmond, Virginia, is a private, non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization whose mission is to help every child reach their fullest potential by eliminating undetected and untreated vision problems as barriers to success in school and life. Originally established in 1957 as Prevent Blindness, becoming Conexus in 2014, the agency strives to support an unmet need within the vision community. 80% of what a child learns in school is through vision and 1 in 4 school children have a vision problem significant enough to impact learning. The Essilor Vision Foundation reports that children with uncorrected vision of less than 20/20 are 3 times more likely to fail a grade in school. Undetected and untreated vision problems impact incidences of juvenile delinquency, adult illiteracy, and unreached potential.

Conexus views children’s vision screening, when done appropriately, as a single task strategically incorporated as part of a comprehensive program to achieve the broader objective; changing the way the consumer thinks about and takes care of their vision. Conexus believes that a comprehensive program must contain the following well established and distinct components in order to be effective: a trusting and receptive partnership, education; quality best practice screening protocols; certified and credentialed delivery; informative and dynamic method to communicate results for both pass and refer; access to care; proper data collection analysis and follow-up. Visit for more information.