Computer Scam Alert

Yesterday, while using his office computer, one of our Investigators received a pop-up ad. The pop-up contained an audio message from someone who stated he was with Microsoft support. The message continued by saying the computer had been compromised and would crash unless a link was opened immediately. The audio further stated that if the pop-up was closed, the computer would immediately crash. The Investigator closed the ad without any problem. Similar pop-ups have appeared on other people’s computers and they thought the ad was legitimate. Clicking on the link resulted in the installation of Ransom Ware which totally shut the computer down and caused it to be held in a seized mode until the victim paid a fee (ransom) to the scammer to release it. Usually payment was requested by Green Dot cards and ranged from $100 to $300.

Please share this scam report with others.

Patrick County Sheriff’s Office