Citizens deliver petition to the State Water Control Board

Citizens and members of various water protection groups such as Virginia River Healers, Virginia Pipeline Resisters, POWHR and RAPTORS marched from the State Capitol to the Department of Environmental Quality and delivered a petition to the Virginia State Water Control Board.

The petition signed by over 750 people called on the State Water Control Board Members to hold a meeting before the end of June. The Board’s meeting originally scheduled for June was recently moved to August 21st, which would allow both the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline to continue construction although many impacted community members are reporting emergency situations of environmental harm and impacts to sources of drinking water. The petition outlines the need for an emergency meeting and the State Water Control Board’s authority to call such a meeting as permitted by § 62.1-44.11, and a call for the board to consider revoking certification for the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline by requesting “Board consideration” as permitted by § 62.1-44.15:02.

The petition also cites 25 sediment and erosion violations caused by pipeline construction that have been reported by citizen monitors as part of the Mountain Valley Watch. As of today these 25 reported violations have resulted in 0 warnings, violations, or fines issued by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to the contractor or MVP LLC. While the petition was being delivered to the DEQ, citizens outside the building chanted, “DEQ you work for us, not MVP, protect our waters, not corporate greed. What do we want? A meeting. When do we want it? Now!”

Link to Petition: