Christiansburg Police unveil new cruiser

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Child Abuse Prevention Month recognizes the importance of communities working together to strengthen families to prevent child abuse and neglect. Through this collaboration, we can help protect children and produce thriving families.

In support of efforts to reduce the incidences and severity of child abuse and neglect in our community, a pinwheel garden has been planted outside Town Hall during the month of April. Next to the garden, the Christiansburg Police Department is displaying a new cruiser wrapped in decals related to child abuse prevention during the last week of April. The cruiser is not yet in commission but will be a part of day patrol once it is fully equipped.

Some of the decals displayed on the vehicle include two hand prints on the hood with the words “STOP CHILD ABUSE,” “Prevent Child Abuse” blue ribbons on the fenders, large pinwheels on the quarter panels, and the words “Stop Child Abuse” made into the image of a hand with text reading “#StopChildAbuse ‘To Report Child Abuse’ State Hotline 1-800-552-7096” on the back window.

The public is encouraged to get involved by familiarizing themselves with the signs of child abuse and how to report it at the resources found here. For additional information, visit the National Child Abuse Prevention Month website.

If you feel that a child is in immediate and severe physical danger, call 911.