Christiansburg Explorer route to add 10 stops

Effective Monday, January 15, the Christiansburg Explorer will add a total of 10 new stops to the existing route, eight of which will be served by both the blue and gold loops.

Both the blue and gold loops while on their northbound trip to the NRV Mall will make a loop through the Cambria area via Church St., Montgomery St., Cambria St., and Central Ave.  This Cambria addition will add a total of eight stops to a previously underserved area of Christiansburg.

The blue loop will also add a stop on North Franklin St., near the Dairy Queen, and one near the intersection of Roanoke St. and First St., near Hardee’s.

The new stops are represented in red on the map below.

Questions? Please call Blacksburg Transit at 540-961-1185, or contact them on email, Twitter or Facebook.