Christiansburg Commentary

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Letter to the Editor

I’ve never been much on following local politics because I thought there wasn’t much I could do about the decisions, so why worry. But recently so much drama has been posted on Facebook about Town doings it caused me to take a closer look. I have sat on my feelings for long enough.

To those that are always fussing over issues online, I ask do you realize you are polluting the minds of anyone looking to move here or build a business here? I know that the handful of people causing trouble claim that they are for the citizens and businesses, but if so, isn’t there another way to handle your issues? It’s the same 5 or so people defending each other like a gang of bullies. Included in the 5 people is a certain councilwoman who seems to push her ideas down people’s throats, and if she doesn’t get her way, she complains louder like a toddler. This is not very professional in a local elected public official. Another woman keeps coming to her rescue by posting all these lovely sentiments about how good she is. If you are that good you don’t need someone to explain it to the population.

I noticed a post where this councilwoman has come into question concerning a Farmers Market her friend is trying to open in town, just as this person is pushing to close the existing one or move it. It seems like a personal favor to her largest campaign donor, which feels unethical. With the farmers market set to open soon, I don’t understand how all the work the councilwoman proposes could be completed a few weeks at best, even if the market did move. So why all the fussing?

I read that the Town applied for a massive grant for a new building on Hickok St and this councilwoman would rather throw that away so her friends can get a market? Does that represent the people of Christiansburg, or just her friends that got her elected? Is she using her political position for personal gain to only those 5 bullies?

One gentleman has started posting all the videos of meetings on Facebook and I think everyone should watch them. The man who created the page doesn’t tel the full truth when making his posts, and it just gets people all upset for no reason. He’s part of the bully group and makes fun of people. Town residents should watch those videos for the truth and not depend on someone else’s version of it. This certain councilwoman is disrespectful and even rude in the videos.

I am also disappointed in how this councilwoman acted about the Radford swim contract. Her article yelling at the swimming board lady who tried to state the facts of the contract, is just unacceptable of a public official. Her “facts” in the response she wrote were not truthful. How embarrassing for the Town.

I care for the Town of Christiansburg. It’s my home. I am embarrassed by the actions, attitude and lack of professionalism of our newly elected official. In my eyes she is not fit for the position of representing the population of Christiansburg. I voted for a professional and not a selfish child.

I am not signing my full name as I don’t want to be bullied and spied on as their group has done to others in the past. It’s sad that I am actually concerned about this from someone on Town Council. It shouldn’t be this way when we are the people she is representing. This citizen wants her to act more professional. I just want our leaders to get along and show people coming to our area that we are a strong community full of opportunity and not drama.

Due to this group of bullies, I also will not frequent 2 particular restaurants in town, 1 CBD store, 1 toy store, and a real estate agent because I can’t support bullies.

If things do not change I will definitely not vote for this person again. It will be a very challenging 3 years and 9 months left on this term.

Christiansburg we are 22,000 strong and we need to be involved or childish bullies will make our decisions for us. #stopbullying #zerotolerance