Blevins Announces Candidacy

Blevins for District B: I am proud to announce my candidacy to seek the Republican nomination for the Montgomery Board of Supervisors, District B seat that Christopher Tuck will be vacating. I have always been interested and active in our schools, church, sports and community events.

When Mr. Tuck told me that he would not seek re-election, I was concerned because he has served our community extremely well. I have worked with Mr. Tuck in regards to school and public safety concerns; the removal of the Park and Ride from Falling Branch Elementary School and the establishment of the State Police Area 49 in Christiansburg. I have always found Mr. Tuck to be trustworthy and of good judgment. Therefore, with his encouragement, I feel a sense of civic duty and privilege to continue the good work and serve this community that I love.

I am a conservative who believes in fiscal responsibility. We must live within our means. As a small Christiansburg business owner, who operates New River Valley Driving School, Inc., I understand the struggles and sacrifice it takes to successfully operate a business within a limited budget. You must be purposeful, resourceful and accountable. This principal has allowed me to be in business for almost 20 years. This is the same principal of being a good steward that I would apply as a Supervisor.

I support businesses and would promote economic growth. I want Christiansburg and Montgomery County to thrive. With more business opportunities comes the opportunities for more jobs and that will have a direct impact of the quality of life for our citizens.

I am a traffic safety advocate and married to a State Trooper. The safety of our citizens, schools and businesses is an essential service and duty we must maintain. Over the many years, I have successfully advocated with parents for school, traffic and public safety. During these safety campaigns, I have developed a strong bond with our local police, Sheriff’s Department and Emergency services. I have the utmost respect for our first responders. We cannot take our law enforcement and volunteers for granted. I would work hard to ensure these agencies have the equipment and resources to provide the best protection and services for our families and citizens. This is our duty.

As a parent with a junior and recent graduate of Christiansburg High School, I know that education and support for our teachers is a priority for families. As Montgomery County grows, so do the needs within our schools. The District B strand of schools are busting at the seams. I would support and work hard towards improvements with priorities given to Christiansburg High School and Belview Elementary. I believe the most cost and time effective way for these improvements would be with renovations, similar to those completed at Auburn Middle School.

Engagement with our community has allowed be to stay connected to our citizens’ needs and concerns. Working families, leaders and businesses need to stay informed and keep open lines of communication with officials. I have experience with working and bringing both local and state officials together, for the best interest of Montgomery County. I am committed to continuing open dialogue between local boards and our state legislators. We must all work together, to accomplish great things.

My desire is to serve. I want to continue to give back to this community that I love. This is where my family lives, works, attend school, worships and plays. This is home and there truly is no better place to be. I will work hard to fight for District B and the citizens of Montgomery County.