Blasting in Christiansburg

Beginning Monday, June 18, a contractor will be blasting between Church Street and Rigby Street in order to remove a large amount of rock from the area.

The contractor has acquired a blasting permit from the Town, and very stringent requirements have been placed on the contractor, including documenting the existing conditions of buildings in the blasting area and recording seismic activity during blasting. If your home or business is in the immediate area where blasting will occur, the contractor will contact you to inspect your home or place of business.

Blasting is required due to the quantity of rock that must be removed before proceeding with the Church, Rigby, Ellett Storm Drain Improvements Project. This project – which consists of installing storm drains, stormwater structures, and stormwater collection inlets – will help address roadway and private property flooding issues in the area. For a recent news story about the first phase of this project, which includes a video of a blast, please visit this link.