Blacksburg Leaf Collection Schedule

Loose and bagged leaves are collected each fall for town refuse and recycling customers. The west and east sides of town will receive collection services for a total of six alternating weeks. A seventh week of collection is provided for heavily forested areas, as defined by the town. Collection dates will be announced annually via the calendar, website, WTOB, Citizens Alert, and brochures.

East Side  Week of Oct. 22
West Side  Week of Oct. 29
East Side  Week of Nov. 5
West Side  Week of Nov. 12
East Side  Week of Nov. 19
West Side  Week of Nov. 26
Heavily Forested Areas  Week of Dec. 3

Loose leaves will only be collected during this time period. Leaf vacuums and other specialized equipment must be removed from trucks in order to prepare the vehicles for snow removal.

Bagged leaves will be collected as time permits until Feb. 1 each year. Please call 540-443-1200 to inform the Public Works Department of your address and number of bags. Any bagged leaves remaining after Feb. 1 will only be collected during Spring and Fall Cleanup.


  • Place leaves at the curb by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your collection week. Leaves may be bagged or piled.
  • Remove all sticks and yard debris from piles and bags. Only leaves will be collected. Contaminated piles or bags of leaves will not be collected.
  • To prevent loose leaves from blowing, cover piles with old sheets, blankets, or tarps weighted with stones or bricks.
  • Leaf piles must not impede traffic.
  • Leaf collection is for residential refuse and recycling customers only.
  • Town crews will not collect leaves on private roads, private property, or in parking lots. Place leaf piles on the edge of the nearest public street.

For more information, contact Public Works at 540-443-1200.

Loose and Bagged Leaf Delivery

Loose and bagged leaves collected in the fall are available for free delivery to town residents. Residents may use these leaves as a soil additive and for composting. This service is important in order to keep leaves out of the landfill. Not only do leaves take up valuable landfill space, but the landfilling of such organic materials produces greenhouse gasses.

Please contact the Public Works department at 540-443-1200 or to arrange for a leaf delivery.